Live Dealer Online Casino Games

You’re in your comfort in your sweats at home but you have this itch to play blackjack, poker, roulette, or baccarat. Do you sacrifice comfort to go play at a physical casino or do you ignore the itch to play?

You no longer have to make the choice of either or because a new innovation allows you to play live table games at online casinos. This innovation allows you to get the social interaction you would get at a physical without the hassle of getting dressed to go play.

What is live dealer online casino games 

Live dealer casino games are table games that are streamed live from a casino for online players to play with or against each other. Usually, there is a studio dedicated in a casino that has an actual table where they are filming the table and the dealer.

Since there is an overhead associated with this type of online play, not all casinos offer this type of online play. The ones that do, have hours of operations that they allow live table play. Majority of online casinos have live table games available

How live online games different traditional online play 

If you’re thinking that live table games are no different from their online counterparts you’re wrong. We are going to over why the two are night and day from each other. 

The biggest difference between the two is how the result of the game is determined. In a regular online game, events are determined by a random number generator which means each event is independent. In a live dealer game, the events happen just like the would in a casino.

Let’s use blackjack as an example. In an online blackjack game, the cards you receive are determined by a random number generator. You play through the first hand and now it’s time for your second hand. Since there’s no actual deck(s) those cards are available to delt again. 

Since live online blackjack is streamed live, there is an actual dealer who is drawing cards from a shoe of 8 decks. Once the card is dealt it’s no longer in the shoe to be delt again.

Live dealers mobile play 

Today you can pretty much do anything you want from a phone. Well, we hate to break it to you but this is one thing you cannot do from your mobile phone… for now.

Casinos are starting to make the live transition to iOS and Android tablet and smart phones. The existence may not be as robust as a computer but if you’ve been own a smart device for a while you, you know to expect major advancements to be made quickly.

Live Blackjack 

As we mentioned earlier, the main difference between online live blackjack and online blackjack is that the online variety is that online blackjack uses a random number generator is used to draw cards and live is draws from an actual shoe.

All the rules of a traditional blackjack game will seem familiar but the rules are a bit more rigid. For instance, the deck is cut in half to discourage card counters from playing live dealer games.

Each casino will have it’s own set of rules ranging from how often you can split, what you can split, dealers hitting habits on soft 17, and more. You can expect a higher house edge when playing online live dealer vs. going to the physical casino.

Also, each of the casinos will have its own different variety of side bets but don’t expect more than 2 being available. This allows the game to play more quickly and simply.

Live online roulette

To be honest not much here is different than your traditional online roulette other than an actual roulette wheel.

Just like in online roulette the wheel has a zero and double zero which are colored green. Since the zero’s don’t pay out the house’s edge is 5.26% which is pretty good for the player. Typically the minnimum bet is $1 and can get as high as $1,000.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Let’s talk about the second live card game, baccarat.

You may know already that baccarat is one of the lowest paying games you can find inside a casino.

Live dealer casino poker

If you’ve played Texas hold’em poker in a physical casino there are players out there that prey on newer players like sharks. This element of the game is placed on the dealer so the sharks can’t focus on the tells of a novice player.

Unlike blackjack, the game is played with only one deck of cards. Each player has to place an ante bet and receives two cards. Once those cards are dealt you have a choice to either call the bet  which must be double the ante.

Your other option is to fold which causes you to lose your ante bet. The dealer then deals the 5 community cards on the board. The players and dealers are now all trying to make the best 5-card hand they possibly can with the cards in their hand and on the board.

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