2020: Pointsbet Review


  • Wide selection of sports betting options
  • Innovative features which can’t be found elsewhere
  • Solid education section
  • Live Chat Support Available


  • Sports betting only. Casino players are out of luck.
  • Funding options are lacking compared to other operators.
  • The help section could use clickable information.

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US Regulated Sportsbook✅ Yes
Poker❌ No
Casino❌ No
Online Availability - New Jersey✅ Yes
Online Availability - Nevada❌ No
Online Availability - Delaware❌ No
Online Availability - Pennsylvania❌ No
Online Availability - West Virginia❌ No

Learn About Pointsbet

PointsBet Sportsbook was founded in Australia in 2017. After gaining traction in the land Down Under, the company set its sights on the booming US market. Fast forward to January 2019, and PointsBet went live in New Jersey.

While PointsBet does not offer casino games like other online casinos, sports bettors will find plenty to choose from. All of the sports you would expect to find are offered on both the desktop and mobile versions of the site. In addition, PointsBet has some unique features and bet types which you won’t find elsewhere. 

So exactly what does this new player on the scene bring to the table? Is PointsBet worth checking out? What does the sign-up process like? Let’s take a look at the answers to these and other questions as we walk through our PointsBet review.

PointsBet Sign-up Process

Many sportsbooks have a multi-step sign-up process online. That’s not the case with PointsBet. Just two steps is all that it takes for you to get the ball rolling. For starters, simply look for the big red button in the upper right-hand of the screen.

After clicking on that, you’ll see a pop up which asks for some basic information.

Once you have entered your name and email address, click continue. Here’s what you’ll see. 

This is all a standard part of the sign-up process at most operators, so don’t get nervous about entering the last four digits of your social. It’s a step they take to help verify your identity. If there happens to be any trouble on that front, you may be asked to provide documentation. 

After you have entered all of the above info, scroll down the screen to continue.

Choose your screen name, enter a password, and check off some boxes. That’s it. Click join PointsBet and your account will be set up. After that happens, you’ll naturally have the opportunity to add funds.

We’ll walk through the various deposit options in a sec. If you were ready to fund your account from this point, you would simply click on your preferred option and follow the steps. Just like the sign-up process, it’s quick and painless.

We told you setting up an account on PointsBet was a piece of cake. The process gets high marks for ease of use in our book. We give it five out of five stars as a result. You won't need any promo codes from here because you will get the $1,000 risk free bets PointsBet Bonus.

PointsBet Deposit Options and Fees

This is an area in which we came away disappointed. There simply aren’t as many ways to fund your account on PointsBet as there are with other sportsbooks.

Clicking on other methods doesn’t open up a bounty of options either. You’ll find just two other ways to fund your account by clicking there.

There is one more funding method which isn’t listed. PointsBet has a deal in place with the Meadowlands in New Jersey. Customers can visit a cage at the facility and handle business in person for their accounts. 

In the handy table down below, you’ll find a breakdown of all of the deposit and withdrawal methods.

PointsBet Funding OptionDepositWithdrawCost
Online Bank Transfer✅ Yes✅ YesFree
PointsBet Card✅ Yes✅ YesFree
Pay Near Me✅ Yes❌ NoFree
ACH/eCheck✅ Yes✅ YesFree
Credit/Debit Card✅ Yes❌ NoFree
Cage at Meadowlands✅ Yes✅ YesFree

As noted on the site, PointsBet recommends customers use the online banking option. To use this method, users need to enter their routing number and account info. It’s quick, easy, and perhaps the smoothest way to process transactions in and out. 

But what if that doesn’t work for your situation? There are other options to be found, but this is where PointsBet comes up short in comparison to competitors. While it’s good to see credit and debit cards offered as an option, there’s nothing to be found when it comes to PayPal or other eWallet providers. 

The deposit process is really simple overall, but the underwhelming list of choices leaves us hoping PointsBet will offer more in the future. We rate the funding options as three and a half out of five stars as a result.

PointsBet Sports Betting

Since PointsBet is a site focused on sports betting, one would assume they knock it out of the park when it comes to that. That assumption is right on the money. PointsBet does a great job with its core mission.

Once you head to the main page, you’ll find a clean layout which lists popular current and upcoming events.

The menu can be expanded to show all of the sports that PointsBet offers wagers on.

Right down below, we have listed out all that PointsBet has to offer for sports bettors.

Total Sports Offered20
Baseball (MLB)✅ Yes
Basketball (NBA)✅ Yes
Basketball (NCAA)✅ Yes
Boxing✅ Yes
Cricket✅ Yes
Football (NFL)✅ Yes
Football (NCAA)✅ Yes
Football (CFL)✅ Yes
Golf (PGA)✅ Yes
Hockey (NHL)✅ Yes
MMA (UFC)✅ Yes
Rugby (Union)✅ Yes
Soccer (European Leagues)✅ Yes
Soccer (UEFA)✅ Yes
Soccer (MLS)✅ Yes
Tennis✅ Yes
Motor Sports✅ Yes
Cycling✅ Yes
Darts✅ Yes
Entertainment✅ Yes

That’s more than enough to keep a sports fan happy. If you click on the link for a specific sport, the main screen will show all of the events available.

If you like what you see and are ready to place a wager, then you would click on the box that has the bet you want.  

From there, you enter the dollar amount you want to bet and click place now. If you want to save that bet and add additional wagers, just click on bet slip. PointsBet is designed for sports bettors. It’s easy to use and offers a great selection of wagering opportunities. We give it a thumbs up. 

Bets Offered

Beyond traditional bets like spread bets or money line, on games and totals, you’ll also find futures and prop bets on PointsBet. You can find what you’re looking for on the menu on the left-hand side of the page. 

Once you find the sport you want to bet on, click on it and all of the events available will appear in the main part of the screen. 

If you click on one of the games, the main betting window will show you all of the opportunities available for that event. In addition, one of the unique features of the site is what they refer to as ‘PointsBetting.’ 

At the bottom of the site, there is a link which points you to all you need to know. 

If you click on that, you’ll quickly get a handle on what this is all about. 

PointsBet does not lie. The widget provides an example which shows you the potential return. 

That’s a fantastic return. However, let’s not forget that things don’t always go in your favor. PointsBetting works in the opposite direction as well, so you could wind up losing more than your initial stake.

PointsBet isn’t a one-trick pony either. In addition to this innovative feature, the site offers a wide range of betting opportunities. Let’s take a look at a few of them. 

The above are typically referred to as prop bets. They’re especially popular for big events such as the Super Bowl, but PointsBet wants to spread the fun all year round.  

If you like fantasy sports and want the best of both worlds, then PointsBet has you covered. A number of potential achievements are listed for players in the games. It’s up to you to figure out what’s most likely to happen.  

Hey now. If you really like to kick things up a notch, then multipliers may be for you. It’s another of the interesting features at PointsBet which you won’t easily find elsewhere.

Another positive is that PointsBet is clear and upfront about your maximum return and loss on a specific outcome.

You’ll also find clear information on how the bet itself works. 

Users can also place stop losses on their bets to limit risk on special wagers, but this would also impact the return amount.

All in all, PointsBet gets a big thumbs up for sports betting. It’s the focus of the company, and they have come up with a number of innovations which new users may find appealing.  

Sports Betting Odds

So PointsBet clearly knows what it’s doing with sports. That’s great, but what are the odds like? Good news. In our research, we found that PointsBet was right in line with the general market. You’ll find standard odds of -110 on point spread and total bets. 

The lines and spreads are basically on the money, but there will be the occasional outlier. The same applies for moneyline bets. However, you will find some small variances compared to other books.

That’s all standard and part of the game. Line shopping is always a good idea, as some books may have more attractive odds on certain games. Overall, PointsBet is on top of the market and in line with where they need to be on odds. 

Mobile Apps

PointsBet offers mobile apps for both Android and iOS users. Right at the bottom of the site, you’ll find links to download.

What we found on mobile was similar to the online experience. The apps are smooth and intuitive, as well as easy to navigate. If you prefer to bet on the go from anywhere, then PointsBet has you covered.

Customer Support

At the bottom of the main page, you’ll find links to help and support.

Email is available if that’s the route you want to go. There’s also a live chat option to get help right away. Once you click on that, you’ll see a pop-up where you can enter your info.

After you click start chat, you’ll be placed in queue. In our experience, we were talking to a rep in less than a minute. After the support pro welcomes you, you’ll be asked to verify your account information. This is for your security, so don’t sweat it. 

After that’s done, ask away and the rep will help you resolve your info. It’s a quick and efficient way to get answers. That’s a huge plus for a betting site. 

If you click on the help section, you’ll find answers to a number of FAQs. 

While there’s good info here, we would like to see a searchable section. After all, we’re known for having oddball questions. We can use chat to get to the bottom of things, but some more clickable links on help would be a positive.  

One other nitpick on PointsBet: the company’s address and phone number aren’t clearly listed on the site. We’re resourceful and know how to use Google to find it, but we also shouldn’t have to do that.


​Educating users is another way in which PointsBet goes the extra mile. On the main menu, you’ll find a link for the ‘Revis Betting Academy.’

Yep, that’s former NFL All-Pro cornerback Darrelle Revis. You’ll find videos and topics such as ‘Spread Betting 101.’

For novice sports bettors, this is huge. PointsBet explains what you need to know in plain English. Even advanced sports gamblers can learn something, especially when it comes to the specialty bets which the company offers.

We give PointsBet a big thumbs up on education.  

PointsBet Review Summary

PointsBet is a new player in the US betting market which has created some positive buzz. The company is focused on sports betting, and they don’t disappoint with the product they offer on the web and mobile. 

The company has also made strides with innovative features such as PointsBetting. The site has a live chat option available for help, and there’s also a solid education section. On the downside, PointsBet is a little skimpy on the funding options. 

Overall, users will find a smooth experience and a great selection of bets. PointsBet is definitely worth the time for both new and experienced sports bettors. 







Exclusive sign up offer from Pointsbet: 
Get up to $100 in risk-free bets on mobile and desktop! 

pointsbet FAQ

Yes it is! It's a licensed sportsbook (also known as an onshore operator) that has been licensed by Gaming Commission in New Jersey. This means they are governed by the state of New Jersey and a handful of other states.
PointsBet does not provide a support phone number but you can email them here: service@pointsbet.com or if you prefer to chat you can go directly to their chat at the bottom of their website.
You can email your support queries to service@pointsbet.com
You can withdraw from PointsBet with the following options: Online Bank Transfer PointsBet Card ACH/eCheck Cage at Meadowlands (New Jersey Only)
Currently, you cannot deposit or withdraw with PayPal.