SugarHouse $250 Match

When you’re looking to sign up for a new online sportsbook, it’s always a good idea to examine what they have to offer. Before pulling the trigger, take a look around at the site and pay attention to the little things.

You’ll want to make note of things such as layout and usability. If it doesn’t catch your eye and seems tough to use, then you may want to take a pass. For even more things to look out for, be sure to take a look at our detailed reviews of the major players.

In addition, it’s wise to keep an eye out for deals that seem way too good to pass up. We have one of them to share with you. 

That stellar offer you see comes courtesy of SugarHouse. We’ll break it down for you in full detail right here and give you all the ins and outs. Before that, let’s take a look at a sportsbook which is making a ton of noise in the crowded online marketplace.

The Awesome Bonus Offer from SugarHouse

​Let’s get back to that killer bonus offer we were talking about. SugarHouse is offering a first deposit bonus match of 100 percent up to $250.
​Here’s a quick breakdown: Deposit $250. SugarHouse matches it. You now have a $250 cash balance, and $250 in bonus dollars available to use.

There’s no strings or funny business here. Once you have wagered your initial $250, there will be another $250 waiting for you to use. You can even withdraw it!

Here’s Why the SugarHouse Bonus is so Amazing

This is one of the better bonus offers we have seen in quite awhile. It’s like SugarHouse is giving money away to new users. Even better, you don’t have to go anywhere to get it.

Simply sign up online or at the SugarHouse app and you’ll be able to take advantage of it. 

The sign-up process at SugarHouse couldn’t be any easier. Just a few pieces of basic info is all you’ll need.

After you’ve completed the three-step process, you can deposit money right away. Here’s a sneak peek at all the ways you can add funds to your account.

After you have deposited, you’ll be able to see the bonus money right away. Simply look for ‘my account’ and pull down the dropdown menu.

The only requirement you have from this point is to play through your initial deposit one time. That’s it.

We hear ya. This sounds too good to be true. Am I right?

It isn’t. 

How To You Use the SugarHouse Bonus

You can use this bonus to bet on any of the available games or events on SugarHouse. For instance, let’s say you’re a big fan of MLB. You take a look at the schedule and find a game to your liking.

After doing your handicapping, you feel pretty good that the Mets have the Cardinals number tonight. Since you just deposited money on SugarHouse, you decide to give it a go. For this bet, you’ll click on the blue box that says ‘-127 NY Mets.’ Here’s what happens next.

The bet ticket pops up right away. All you need to do is decide how much to wager. Here’s what you would need to do to get the full $250 match right away.

In order to get it immediately, you’ll need to play through your deposit 1x. If you bet the full $250 here, you’re basically getting a risk-free bet.

As you can see, you’ll get a look at the return right away. If this bet works in your favor, then you will have turned $250 into $447.50. That’s pretty good for a day’s work.

If the bet goes the other way, you lose. That would be painful. However, SugarHouse has matched your deposit. You have $250 in bonus money available to use or withdraw.

You were just able to bet $250 risk-free. That opportunity doesn’t come along very often. That being the case, you’ll want to take advantage of it and sign up at SugarHouse. 

A Little Bit About SugarHouse

SugarHouse Casino is a sprawling 1.3 million square-foot property located along the Delaware River in Philadelphia. You’ll find everything you would expect here. There’s plenty of dining options, entertainment, and of course, a great casino floor.

It first opened its doors in September of 2010. Fast forward to 2018. The Supreme Court of the United States effectively gave a green light to decide on the legality of online sports betting themselves.

New Jersey was quick to act and make it a reality. Many sportsbook operators have launched in the Garden State since then. SugarHouse was one of the first to do so. The site has recently launched in Pennsylvania as well. 

You can read our take on what SugarHouse has to offer here. For a quick summary, we came away impressed after our test drive. The website is smooth and user-friendly, there are plenty of deposit options, and SugarHouse has a great handle on customer service.

Final Thoughts on the Bonus Offer from SugarHouse

SugarHouse was one of the first online sportsbooks to market in NJ. The company has now followed suit and launched in Pennsylvania as well. We would imagine there will be more to come as more states hop on board.

To stand out in the crowded online gambling marketplace, sportsbooks need to go the extra mile to attract new users. SugarHouse has done just that - and then some.

A 100 percent deposit match bonus of up to $250 doesn’t come along everyday. It’s there for the taking at SugarHouse. There’s no word on how long this promotion is going to last.

In other words, you need to act fast. Simply sign up for an account at SugarHouse. Make a deposit of up to $250 and it will be matched.

From there, play through your deposit once. 

This is a fantastic bonus opportunity. It’s simple to sign up for and to use. What are you waiting for?

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